[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q

EZY Q Ferritic Stainless Steel Grill Plate (400mm Long)

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Add this grill plate to the top your fire pit. 

  • It is more narrow than the full stainless steel grill, making it easy to top up the fire while you cook.
  • It has handles which make it easy to lift off the fire pit.
  • Also, its a bit lighter than the full sized grill.
  • Its easy to clean!

Laser cut from 3mm thick ferritic stainless steel.

Hotplate Cooking Area: 210mm W x 360mm L

We recommend only using the stainless steel grill once the fire has burnt down to coals, as direct heat from flames can damage the grill. 

The hot plate/grill on this fire pit is made from a special grade of stainless steel which is ideal for cooking on, as it distributes the heat more evenly throughout the plate, as opposed to standard grades of stainless such as 304 and 316. We use ferritic stainless steel which offers corrosion resistance, a non-porous cooking surface and good thermal conductivity. Putting it simply, this type of stainless steel is better for high temperatures so it will last you longer as it is less likely to distort or warp.

This type stainless steel will brown over time with use, and will become a darker golden colour than the silver stainless steel you might be used to. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Please Note: These grills are processed through several machines so they may have some scratching/marks. The steel sheets that we cut the grills from can have printing and markings on them from the manufacturing process. See the below for an example. 

[Stainless Grill Plate] - EZY Q

Manufactured in Australia from Stainless Steel sourced from South Africa.