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EZY Q - [Steel Grill Plate]

EZY Q Mild Steel Grill Plate (400mm Long)

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Add this grill plate to the top your fire pit. 

  • It is more narrow than the full stainless steel grill, making it easy to top up the fire while you cook.
  • It has handles which make it easy to lift off the fire pit.
  • Also, its a bit lighter than the full sized grill.
  • Its easy to clean!

Laser cut from 3mm thick mild steel.

Hotplate Cooking Area: 210mm W x 360mm L


Please Note: These are made from raw finish steel, so they may rust if left in a damp environment, or if water is not dried from the surface after cleaning. We recommend you coat these with cooking oil to keep them in the best condition. Also, they are processed through several machines so they may have some scratching/marks.