[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q

EZY Q All-In-One Flat Pack, Portable Rotisserie Spit / BBQ / Fire Pit With STAINLESS STEEL GRILL (500mm Long)

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Fire Pit is made from 3mm thick laser cut mild steel, grill is made from 3mm thick ferritic stainless steel.


Great for Camping, 4WD and Backyard Use
Made From 3mm Thick Laser Cut Mild Steel
100% Australian Made & Owned, Tried & Tested

  • Easy Assembly, Simply Slots Together
  • Includes a stainless steel grill which won't rust and is easy to clean!
  • Light Weight; Easy To Store, Transport & Carry
  • End Panels Are Designed To Hold A Gasmate Rotisserie Unit - No Extra Brackets Required
  • Can Be Assembled 2 Ways; Either To Be Used As A Fire Pit, Or It Can Be Placed Over The Top Of A Fire That Has Already Been Lit On The Ground.
  • Can Be Used As a Spit / Fire Pit / BBQ Or Camping Stove
  • Includes Pan Supports 
  • Battery Operated Spit, No Power Outlet Required - Perfect For Camping & Outdoor Use 


-2x End Panels (Mild Steel)
-2x Side Panels (Mild Steel)
-2x Pan Supports (Mild Steel)
-1x Stainless Steel Grill Plate - See details below.
-1x Galvanised Ash Tray
-Gasmate Battery Operated Rotisserie (Batteries Not Included)

  • Includes two 4 prong forks
  • Battery operated (2 x 'D' size batteries)
  • Rated at 8kg (will take up to 8kg of meat)


Height: 325mm
Length: 500mm
Width: 400mm
Weight: 17kg, Including Rotisserie Unit

Grill/Hot Plate Overall Size: 380mm W x 500mm L
Cooking Area: 470mm x 335mm


The hot plate/grill on this fire pit is made from a special grade of stainless steel which is ideal for cooking on, as it distributes the heat more evenly throughout the plate, as opposed to standard grades of stainless such as 304 and 316. We use ferritic stainless steel (410 grade) which offers corrosion resistance, a non-porous cooking surface and good thermal conductivity. Putting it simply, this type of stainless steel is better for high temperatures so it allows you to cook more evenly and it will last you longer as it is less likely to distort or warp.

This type stainless steel will brown over time with use, and will become a darker golden colour than the silver stainless steel you might be used to. It is easy to clean and maintain.


Please Note:

These fire pit parts are made from raw finish steel, so they will rust if left in a damp environment, or if water is not dried from the surface after cleaning. We recommend you coat these with cooking oil to keep them in the best condition. The sides can also be flipped over each time you use it, to help straighten out any bowing or warping.

These may warp when in use, but usually return to their original state once cooled. If you are worried about long term warping we recommend choosing one of our 5mm pits.

We recommend only using the stainless steel grill once the fire has burnt down to coals, as direct heat from flames can damage the grill. 

Item may slightly differ from images, as we make small improvements from time to time.


Please Note: These are processed through several machines so they may have some scratching/marks. The Bluescope sheets that we cut the fire pits from can have printing and markings on them from the manufacturing process. See the below for some examples.

[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q

[Stainless Grill Plate] - EZY Q