[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q

Firebuilder Eco Fire Starters - No Firelighters/Kindling Required

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Firebuilder - A faster fuller fire every time. No kindling required!

4 Pack - 8 Fires

  • Made 100% from recycled cardboard boxes
  • No kerosene - so no smell on your food or hands
  • Firebuilder takes the place of traditional firelighters and kindling - They are quicker and easier to light.
  • Simply break in half and light the rough part. Pack of 4 lights 8 fires
  • No mess
  • Produces a fuller fire and achieves faster heat production than comparable products
  • No plastics used in packaging or shipping process
  • Waterproof - pack it with your food when camping

It is moulded from 100% recycled cardboard and wax. As such it is completely sustainable. 


How To Use The Firebuilder:

First, break in two and just use one side for a normal fire. Light the broken part and thin edges of the underside. Then set down and wait a few seconds for the flame to spread throughout the product. You can pile on your fuel after around 30 seconds. You won't put it out. Firebuilder is designed with air draughting holes and channels that make it almost impossible to smother it with fuel. A 4-pack will light 8 standard fires. For large fires, we recommend using two halves.