[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q

EZY Q Flat Packed Fire Pit, 400mm Long

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Made From 3mm Thick Laser Cut Carbon Steel 

ONLY 6.5 kg!

Great for Camping, Caravanning, 4WD and Backyard Use 

100% Australian Made & Owned 

- Easy Assembly, Simply Slots Together With Only 4 Components 
- Super Light Weight: Only 6.5 kg! 
- Easy To Store, Transport & Carry 
- No Bolts, Brackets or Tools Required 
- Raw Steel Finish 
- Assembles In Just Seconds! 

- 2x End Panels 
- 2x Side Panels  
- 1 x Woven Polypropylene Bag 
Download our instructions for this fire pit here

Height: 283mm 
Length: 400mm 
Width: 340mm 
Weight: 6.5 kg 
Steel thickness: 3mm 

Please Note: These are made from raw finish steel, so they will rust if left in a damp environment, or if water is not dried from the surface after cleaning. We recommend you coat these with cooking oil to keep them in the best condition. 

Please also note that these may warp under extreme heat conditions, but usually return to their original state once cooled. With each use you can flip the sides to help prevent or straighten out any warping. 

Item may slightly differ from images, as we make small improvements from time to time.


Please Note: These are processed through several machines so they may have some scratching/marks. The Bluescope sheets that we cut the fire pits from can have printing and markings on them from the manufacturing process. See the below for some examples.

[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q