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[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q
[Flat Pack Fire Pit] - EZY Q

5mm Thick, Stainless Steel Hot Plate - Weber, Baby Q (Q1000/Q1200 Series)

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5mm THICK - Stainless Steel Full Hot Plate For Weber BABY Q (Q1000/Q1200 Series)

Replace your Weber grill for a solid, stainless steel hot plate - now you can cook eggs, vegies and pancakes!

Our EZY Q hotplates for Weber BBQs are made from a special grade of stainless steel which is ideal for cooking on, as it distributes the heat more evenly throughout the plate, as opposed to standard grades of stainless such as 304 and 316. We use ferritic stainless steel which offers corrosion resistance, a non-porous cooking surface and good thermal conductivity. Putting it simply, this type of stainless steel is great for cooking at high temperatures, and offers a non-stick surface.

It is paint and chemical free.

Unlike cast iron, these stainless steel hot plates are non-porous, meaning they will not retain flavours from previously cooked meals.

This type of stainless steel will brown over time with use, and will become a darker golden colour than the silver stainless steel you might be used to.

Easy to clean and maintain! Just scrape off after use, pour hot water over the plate (no need for detergent) and let it boil off, dry after use and store it away.

WEIGHT: 4.5kg


Please check what series your Weber Q is prior to purchasing, as it may not fit if yours is not a Baby Q (Q1000/1200).

Manufactured in Australia from Stainless Steel sourced from South Africa.